BIONORICA SE – is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines worldwide. The company was founded in Nuremberg, Germany by Josef Pop in 1993. For more than 85 years Bionorica has been producing effective and at the same time well-tolerated drugs.

The Bionorica's primary focuses on the areas of respiratory diseases, gynecology, urology, and the liver.
The starting point and reference point of Bionorica is nature. This is the vision and mission of Prof. Dr. Michael A. Popp to decipher nature and to make its immeasurable healing power available to humans. Bionorica taps the great potential of active substances in plants with the use of the latest research and innovative technologies for the production of effective and safe herbal medicines. Bionorica calls this phytoneering.
AICORE LIFE SCIENCES – is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in research and development of products for women's health, headquartered in the Netherlands. The founders have a collective background of employment by Organon, which was the pharmaceutical arm of AKZO before it became a part of Schering Plough and later Merck & Co. Organon has been of one of the world's market leaders in women's health and has pioneered many important developments in this segment.

The company develops an upgraded portfolio making the emphasis is on cutting-edge generics as well as on original products targeting market niches with moderate competition.

The company mainly focuses on European countries and pays special attention to women's health. The association includes the full range of tools required for all development, distribution, marketing, and sale of medicines stages on the European continent, as well as partnerships with the University of Ghent. This greatly simplifies and shortens the difficult path from ideas to pharmacy.
AUREA PHARMA – is a company focused on developing and providing patients with specialized products for skincare during and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The mission of the company is to continuously improve the quality of life of patients by improving supportive therapies in oncology. Products of Aurea Pharma are developed with the aim of proper skincare and its protection against side effects of cancer treatment.
SANGI CO., LTD. – is a Japanese company that specializes in applications of the calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite, the natural, highly biocompatible substance of our teeth and bone.

Established as a trading company in 1974, Sangi quickly evolved into a product development firm focused chiefly on the calcium phosphate bioceramic, hydroxyapatite. Within the space of a few years, Sangi had begun researching and producing hydroxyapatite, and in 1978, Sangi becames the first company in the world to succeed in developing a toothpaste incorporating hydroxyapatite – "the same substance as our teeth" – that could remineralize and restore tooth enamel.
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